Modeling cross-scale, cross-sector tradeoffs in food-energy-water systems


Feedbacks among water availability, irrigated agriculture, and energy production pose significant challenges for entities that must make decisions subject to uncertain—and potentially cascading—risks from resource disruption.

For example, in California, snowpack fuels hydropower production and provides water for irrigation to the Central Valley, the most highly agriculturally productive area in the U.S., making this region one that is highly vulnerable to hydrologic drought. During drought, irrigators pump groundwater to recoup lost surface water, increasing electricity demand; at the same time, reduced hydropower production is replaced by more expensive natural gas generation, increasing electricity prices precisely when farmers’ pumping requirements are highest.

System dynamics among water, irrigated agriculture and electric power sectors in California.

The Kern Group seeks to better understand complex, interconnected FEW systems. Our group has been funded by two NSF Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems (INFEWS) awards and a NSF Dynamics of Coupled Natural Human Systems (CNH2) award, and an NSF STC award (the STEPS Center). We are also supported by the DOE Office of Science Integrated, Multi-scale, Multi-sector Modeling (IM3) project, and the DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office. These projects often involve collaboration with researchers and public/private stakeholders across the U.S.


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